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This EXCEL Yearly Planning Workbook is meant to guide your detailed weekly or monthly lesson plans. I have come to find it VERY helpful to create an outline, or set of directions in the form of how those foundational skills build on each other throughout the year. This also ensures I am hitting all my necessary objectives and remembering my my favorite books, activities, topics and lessons!


I am also a firm believer in following the child, and keeping everything student centered. As we get to know each other and progress though the year, if something comes up that the students want to learn more about, or we get into something else I didn’t have in our route, so be it, at least this way I have a map to guide on our way and remember which academic and social skills to incorporate into our learning. For example, last year we did not do the Egg study, instead we learned about space and the planets.


This Yearly Planning Workbook allows for year long planning at-a-glance, with space for more detailed plans on subsequent tabs for specific content areas, which make creating your weekly plans a breeze. Check my shop for my Weekly Lesson Planning and Weekly Read Aloud Planning Workbooks for all your planning needs.


Zip File contains 8 documents:

  • PNG - Cover Page

  • PDF - Terms of Use, Credits & Thanks

  • PNG - TOU

  • EXCEL - Blank Yearly Planning Workbook

  • PDF - Blank Yearly Planning Document

  • PDF - Mrs. D’s Yearly Planning Workbook

  • EXCEL - Mrs. D’s Yearly Planning Workbook

  • PNG - Preview

  • PNG - Preview


Yearly Planning Workbook contains 10 pages:

  • Page 1 - Example of My Year At-A-Glance

  • Page 2 - Year At-A-Glance Planner

  • Page 3 - Monthly Topic Planner

  • Page 4 - Literacy Planner

  • Page 5 - Math Planner

  • Page 6 - Social Studies Planner

  • Page 7 - Science Planner

  • Page 8 - Art Planner

  • Page 9 - Social Emotional

  • Page 10 - Teaching Strategies Gold Domains & Objectives


The Yearly Planning Workbook, Year At-A-Glance tab is formatted to print in landscape view, using two pages. Each content tab is also formatted to print in landscape view, using 1 page for each content area.


Be sure to check your settings, margins and zoom before you print. Document has been created in Microsoft Excel, and is unlocked for maximum editing access.


All of Mrs. DeFusco’s Classroom resources and clipart are created by Amy DeFusco. Please read the Terms of Use fully, regarding the use of my products.

Yearly Planning Workbook

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