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weekly planning Workbook

I use this Weekly Lesson Planning Workbook in combination with my Yearly Planning Workbook to track my intended progression through the scope and sequence of skills I have laid out for the year. This also serves as a check for me, to ensure I am hitting each one of my learning objectives along the way as well.


Keeping my lesson plans all together in an EXCEL workbook like this allows me to intentionally and carefully scaffold my lessons, to meet all students, where they are at, and provide individualized supports as needed.

I also have a separate detailed Read Aloud Planning Workbook that allows even further intentionality in my planning and scaffolding of skills.

Read aloud planning workbook

0. Read Aloud Planning Workbook Cover Page.png

I use this Read Aloud Planning Workbook to intentionally  plan questions, vocabulary exposure and scaffolds for my Read Aloud experience.

I also find that keeping my lesson plans all together in an EXCEL workbook like this allows me to be more efficient while planning, embed accommodations and carefully plan my instructional impact.



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Ultimate planning workbook

 0. Planning Workbook Bundle Cover Page.png

The Ultimate Planning Workbook has everything you need to streamline your instructional objectives, differentiation, scaffolds, and accommodations!


With this All-In-One Ultimate Planning Workbook Bundle you will be able to:

  • Create a Year-Long Scope & Sequence of your Learning Objectives & Skills Targets

  • Use your scope & sequence, in combination with student interest and skill level, to guide the planning of your Weekly Lessons & Activities

  • Quickly develop intentional Read Aloud plans that embed accommodations, expose students to multiple types of academic language and carefully differentiate your lessons



The Ultimate Planning Bundle comes with all the amazing things from my 3 Planning Workbooks, AND the new all-in-one Ultimate Planning Workbook.


The only way to purchase this Ultimate Planning Workbook is in through this bundle!

Intro to Applied Behavior Analysis

 this is a FREE 7 slide series introducing you to what Applied Behavior Analysis is!
Go to and download these 7 PNGs to learn some more about how our field is evolving, what it looks like in practice and dive into some of the References & Resources to learn more. 

All About Google

All About Google is a linked Infographic that provides access to all my Tips & Tricks regarding making the most out of Google Drive!

I share ideas on my favorite ways to use:

  • Google Sheets

  • Google Forms

  • Google Folders

  • Shared Google Drives

  • Link to: How to Conditional Format

Google Drive Access

Access my Google Drive.png

Get LIFETIME access to resources, products and other things I use in my classroom.

This Drive includes things like:

  • My Adapted Books

  • The ABC-ya Countdown I Use to end the year

    • (Inspired by MoNique Waters -- now Kirkland @itsmoniquesworld on insta!)

  • 2023 Goals and Vision Planner

  • Goal Setting Conference Documents

  • Early Childhood Student Led Conference Documents

  • Social Emotional Resources and Visuals

  • Student Input Survey for IEP meetings



  • a Gmail E-Mail address

  • Purchase drive access

  • Fill out Google Form survey you receive

Specialty Clip Art to Compliment my Activities!

Has it been difficult to find cute school supplies, or classroom clipart that works for your setting?

Have you struggled finding a graphic of something that resembles the real object so your students understand what they are looking at?

I have begun to develop clip art specifically for this reason. I was so tired of searching and searching for playdoh, dot markers, and hands tracing, pointing or counting that I started to make my own. Come along with me on this new journey!

0. Clip Art Package #5 Center Containers & Shelf.png

Tracing Roads: Hone in on those Fine Motor Skills! 

I have created Tracing Roads, to encourage students to explore those academic concepts such as; Letters, Numbers or Shapes, while they are playing, or at least in a play based way. This resource also makes it easy to increase the expressive language while you interact with your students. While you are facilitating their exploration, ask questions about the letters, numbers or shapes you are working with.

PlayDoh Mats: a Play Based Learning Favorite!

These types of hands on resources help create that solid connection in the brain as our young students discover the world around them and begin to make sense of it all.

--I also included a page with my favorite PlayDoh tools, and some other fun sensory materials for kiddos to play with!

Yearly Planning Workbook

This EXCEL Yearly Planner Workbook is meant to guide your detailed weekly or monthly lesson plans. I have come to find it VERY helpful to create an outline, or set of directions in the form of how those foundational skills build on each other throughout the year.

This also ensures I am hitting all my necessary objectives and remembering my my favorite books, activities, topics and lessons!

Small Group Organizer

this is my most used classroom resource!

It can be easily utilized by classroom teachers, special educators, paraprofessionals, specialists and substitutes.

Ideal for small group meetings where you need to jot down quick notes about your students progress.

Formatted for personal used, there is a spot for Teaching Strategies Gold developmental objective, which can be edited to meet the needs of your classroom.

Homework Bingo

Homework Bingo is a non-traditional path to homework, and practicing academic or school related concepts at home. Homework Bingo is something that was thought of at my very first school in Colorado, when I taught First Grade. I used it as a low stress way to have my students engage in the required homework policy my school had, while keeping it age appropriate and as fun as I could. I have since adapted the idea when I transitioned back in the Early Childhood world, since I was regularly having families ask what they could be doing at home. I find this to be a fun way of providing activities for families to engage in during the day and embed them intpo their routines at home.

Student Information Sheet

0. Student Information Sheet Cover Page.png

Do you have multiple spots where you need to keep important student information regarding adult contact information, allergies or other medical needs?

This information sheet enables you to enter the information you need, in a half sheet format, so you can print multiple copies and then keep that paper copy of important information for each student in a all the places it needs to be.

Getting to know your student's families

0. Getting to Know Your Student's Family Cover Page.png

Do you need just a little more information that what is available in your online roster? Do you work with young students and have trouble deciding if your students really have a pet, or a baby or a grandma that lives with them?

I find it easy to have my families fill out this quick form, I print it as front and back, and then I have it handy in the classroom to reference as needed.

Goal Setting Conversation

0.Goal Setting Conversation Cover Page.png

Perfect for that first meeting with families. This form provides a quick and easy way to gather information while having a student and family centered conversation.

I use this during my beginning of the year homevisits to capture any information my families share with me, and then keep it in my classroom file for the year.

Match That Noise: Sounds Bingo!

Build foundational Phonological and Phonemic Awareness skills with this fun Sound Bingo game!

-This game can be used with a large or small group, and older children can play by themselves as an independent center.

Sound bingo challenges children to distinguish sounds from each other in a fun way, and it is also training their ear to begin to distinguish different sounds within spoken language.

Lets Talk: Daily Communication

THREE different documents:

  1. The Daily Communication Log: This is set up as a half-sheet document that I print a bunch of, then cut in half and send home with the students who need them each day.

  2. The Home & School Communication Log: This I print multiple front and back copies and keep them in a small binder or folder that goes back and forth each day with the student. The top part gets filled out at home, and the bottom at school.

  3. The Daily Conversation Starter: This is also set up as a half-sheet document that I print a bunch of, then cut in half and send home with the students who need them each day.

Behavior Tracker BUndle

Do you need to figure out WHY your students are doing something?

Do you need to determine how often they engage in a specific behavior, or in need of tracking multiple behaviors to determine effective interventions and treatment? No time to make a new spreadsheet?

I have created THREE tracking forms specifically for these needs!

  1. ABC Data Tracker: to determine when and why behaviors are happening

  2. Multiple Behavior Occurrence Tracker: to determine priority behavior to target with an intervention based on which is happening the most, or is the most intense

  3. Targeted Behavior Frequency Tracker: for tracking how often a specific behavior is occurring

Letter Boxes

Letter Boxes.png

These boxes are ideal to use to work on phonemic awareness, and as part of a morning meeting or 1-1 session with students. This resource is ready to print, you just need to organize in your chosen containers.

Monthly Family Art Projects

Monthly Family Art Projects.png

Each month (September - April) I send home an art-based project for students to complete with their families.

Families enjoy creating together & seeing their projects hang in our classroom or hallway.

This fun & simple activity also helps strengthen that home-school relationship.

Product includes 8 seasonal art-based activities to send home.

Artist of the Month

Artist of The Month.png

created in order to provide a very simple introduction to Art for my students, connecting basic art and fine motor skills, with some vocabulary and providing exposure to some famous, or not so famous artists from around the world.

Student Data Binder

Student Data Binder.png

This preschool Student Data Binder enables to you assess & track student data all in one place!

Assessment & Recording areas for:

Letter Identification, Letter/Sound Recognition, Writing Level, Numeral Recognition, Color and Shape Recognition, Rote Counting and 1-1 correspondence, & Sorting.

Tracking forms also include space to track: Name Recognition, Patterns, Rhyming, & Concepts of Print.

All assessments are aligned with Teaching Strategies Gold developmental objectives.

Closing Crew Keychain

designed to be used as a prompt to engage the whole group of students. Using just one question can deepens students learning, encourages them to be vulnerable and open, or make connections.

Student & Classroom Snap Shot

Student & Classroom Snap Shot.png

Student Specific Support document: Student Snap Shot

  • Document students Diagnosis & Medical Needs

  • Highlight important meeting dates

  • Provide list of Strengths, Interests & Current Goals

  • Track which Service Providers they work with, and when

Case load or Classroom Information Document: Caseload Snap Shot

  • List all students on case load, or in one classroom with IEPs

  • Document individual service times

  • Document total case load service time, or service time in 1 classroom

  • Document embedded accommodations students access throughout the day

  • Document specific group structures

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