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More in depth than Behavior Intervention 101, and is focused on figuring out WHY a student is engaging in a behavior, what purpose is it serving for them?

Once we know the why, we can create a plan to replace the students disrupting or harmful behavior. This plan requires clients to do work in between sessions to collect data, complete documents and the provided templates.


WTF? What’s the Function:

2 Scheduled 60 minute Google Meet

  • 1: Intro to: Antecedent Behavior and Consequence (ABC) data tracking tools
  • Plan for data collection
  • Given access to Behavior Tracker Bundle download, & Data Collection Tips & Tricks Course
  • 2: Review that data
  • Create intervention plan

3 Scheduled 30 minute Google Meet Conversations

  • Review Data
  • Adjust as needed, plan for any next steps, including how to fade support


Upon scheduling your session through Calendly, you will receive a welcome email from me with a link to your personal Google Folder, and all the downloads needed to facilitate our conversation.


You will receive specific instructions based on your course enrollment. I will explain anything else you will need to have ready to make sure our time is effective and efficient.

WTF: What's The Function?

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