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The Visual Student Survey is the perfect way to include all students in their learning. This can be used to collect information for Family Conferences, Intervention Plans, or Individualized Education Plans.


All you have to do is print the Visual Story and then use it to facilitate a student interview. While your student looks at the visuals, you can ask the questions and record their answers on the provided form, or record a video or audio blurb to share with the family.


Including my youngest learners input within their IEPs has been such a wonderful addition, the families appreciate it and it shows that the plan really does have the students best interests in the forefront.


Visual Student Survey ZIP File includes:

  • Terms of Use, Credits & Thanks PDF
  • Visual Student Survey, 13 pages PDF (not editable)
  • Visual Student Survey, 13 pages PPT (editable)
  • Student Survey Recording Form, 1 page PDF (not editable)
  • Student Survey Recording Form, 1 page PAGES (editable)
  • Cover Page PNG
  • Preview PNG

Visual Student Input Survey

SKU: D000037
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