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Adding a Daily Sign-In Question is a Simple and Engaging way to start the day in your classroom. Having a daily question helps create routine, embeds name recognition practice, enables visual attendance and encourages student connections and conversations with peers.


The Daily Sign-In Question is a perfect way to learn more about student interests, do they like dinosaurs or sharks more? You can also use it to check in where students are in their learning by using the Finish the Pattern or What Do You Hear prompt cards.


Teacher Tip: In my classroom, I use velcro dots to stick the laminated visuals, prompts and names right to the wall!


Daily Sign In Question ZIP File Includes:

  • Daily Sign In Question - PDF (not editable)
    • 33 pages
    • 40 visuals for Which Do you Like Better? Prompts
    • 10 What Comes Next? Pattern Prompts
    • 26 What Do You Hear? Phonics Prompts
    • Blank Slides for More Prompts or Answers
    • Blank Slides for Name Tags


  • Daily Sign In Question - PPT - editable
  • Terms, Credits & Thanks - png
  • Preview - png
  • Cover Page - png


All of Mrs. DeFusco’s Classroom resources and clipart are created by Amy DeFusco. Please read the Terms of Use fully, regarding the use of my products.

Visual Daily Sign In Question

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