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The Ultimate Planning Workbook has everything you need to streamline your instructional objectives, differentiation, scaffolds, and accommodations!


With this All-In-One Ultimate Planning Workbook Bundle you will be able to:

  • Create a Year-Long Scope & Sequence of your Learning Objectives & Skills Targets
  • Use your scope & sequence, in combination with student interest and skill level, to guide the planning of your Weekly Lessons & Activities
  • Quickly develop intentional Read Aloud plans that embed accommodations, expose students to multiple types of academic language and carefully differentiate your lessons


The Ultimate Planning Bundle comes with all the amazing things from my 3 Planning Workbooks, AND the new all-in-one Ultimate Planning Workbook.


The only way to purchase this Ultimate Planning Workbook is in through this bundle!


The all-in-one Ultimate Planning Workbook contains 11 pages:

  • Page 1 - Teaching Strategies Gold Objectives; I use these to ground my Scope & Sequence with Developmentally Appropriate Expectations
  • Page 2 - Year At-A-Glance Planning Tab
  • Page 3 - Monthly Topic Planning Tab
  • Page 4 - Literacy Planning Tab
  • Page 5 - Math Planning Tab
  • Page 6 - Social Studies Planning Tab
  • Page 7 - Science Planning Tab
  • Page 8 - Art Planning Tab
  • Page 9 - Social Emotional Planning Tab
  • Page 10 - Weekly Planning Tab
  • Page 11 - Read Aloud Planning Tab


The Yearly Planning Workbook, Year At-A-Glance tab is formatted to print in landscape view, using two pages. Each content tab is also formatted to print in landscape view, using 1 page for each content area. Weekly Lesson Plans & Read Aloud Plans are formatted to print in traditional portrait view, on 1 sheet of paper.


Be sure to check your settings, margins and zoom before you print.

Document has been created in Microsoft Excel, and is unlocked for maximum editing access.

All of Mrs. DeFusco’s Classroom resources and clipart are created by Amy DeFusco. Please read the Terms of Use fully, regarding the use of my products.

Ultimate Planning Workbook

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