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This preschool Student Data Binder enables to you assess and track student data all in one place!


Assessment and Recording areas for: Letter Identification, Letter/Sound Recognition, Writing Level, Numeral Recognition, Color and Shape Recognition, Rote Counting and 1-1 correspondence, and Sorting. Tracking forms also include Name Recognition, Patterns, Rhyming, and Concepts of Print.


All assessments are aligned with Teaching Strategies Gold development objectives.


This bundle includes; summary tracking sheets, excel data tracker and student assessment boards to print and use during assessment.


Tracking Sheets - There is a sheet to track progress as you assess, and a summary sheet where information can be recorded for each student during the assessment process. (formatted for TS Gold Checkpoints 1-3, Trimester, Semester or Quarterly tracking)


Excel Data Tracker - Transfer information from summary sheet into classroom data tracker, as information is entered, excel cells will change color according data, which is aligned to TS Gold Developmental Guidelines. This provides one place to check Math and Literacy objectives and quickly outline trends and patterns in classroom data.


Assessment Tools - Laminate or place in sheet protectors and utilize during assessments to help students identify letters, numbers, colors and shapes.

*You will need your own materials to set up the writing, sorting, counting, patterning, rhyming and concepts of print assessments.

Student Data Binder

SKU: D000005
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