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Homework Bingo is a non-traditional path to homework, and practicing academic or school related concepts at home. Homework Bingo is something that was thought of at my very first school in Colorado, when I taught First Grade. I used it as a low stress way to have my students engage in the required homework policy my school had, while keeping it age appropriate and as fun as I could. I have since adapted the idea when I transitioned back in the Early Childhood world, since I was regularly having families ask what they could be doing at home. I find this to be a fun way of providing activities for families to engage in during the day and embed them intp their routines at home.



  • Homework Bingo is a simple way to turn everyday conversations and activities into learning opportunities
  • This is about practice and making connections between school and home, not completion or perfection
  • These activities are meant to be fun and engaging for everyone in the family, so have fun!
  • This was designed to practice foundational math and reading skills in addition to providing practice with social emotional, language and writing skills


  • Each Month (September-April) you will get a Bingo Card
  • Each board will have Math, Reading, Writing and Social Emotional activities
  • As you go about your daily routines, take a few minutes a day to complete an activity (4 per week) and color in the box as you complete
  • Send the Bingo Card back each Friday for a check in.
  • Turn in the full card on the due date at the end of the month, which will be written on the card

Each Month we will have an inclusive Class Sticker Card, to show what skills we have been practicing at home and students will add a sticker each week to their favorite activities. We will hang the sticker boards in the room to watch how much we learn throughout the year!


Activities will change each month and build on the skills we are learning in the classroom. Activities will also repeat, as they are great ways to practice important skills.



  • 8 months of Homework Bingo Cards as PDFs
  • 8 fully editable Homework Bingo Cards PAGES documents, so you can change to fit your curriculum!
  • A PDF Welcome Letter for families explaining what Homework Bingo is, and the expectations regarding the monthly bingo card
  • Welcome Letter as a PAGES document
  • 8 PDF Classroom Sticker Cards and directions on how to implement
  • 8 Classroom Sticker Cards and directions on how to implement, as PAGES documents

All of Mrs. DeFusco’s Classroom resources and clipart are created by Amy DeFusco. Please read the Terms of Use fully, regarding the use of my products.

Homework Bingo: Early Childhood Edition

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