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This product is a compilation of the Tips & Tricks I have learned over the last several years working as both the Classroom Teacher AND the Special Educator in an inclusive classroom.


My aim it to assist Educators, Special Educators and Special Service Providers in collecting data within their classrooms, or for their caseloads. I have used these resources to support my in-school teams, and district wide for other dual-role educators.


These digital techniques can be applied to track whole class academic data, or individual data. This include tracking intervention progress, IEP data and even ABC data regarding student behavior. -- Take a Look at my Behavior Tracker Bundle for more resources!


I hope this helps you on your way to digitizing your data collection systems, and mazimizes the impact you have with your students.


Zip File Includes:

  • Digital Data Collection Tips & Tricks PDF (36 pgs)
  • Note Catcher to go along with PDF (12 pgs)
  • Terms of Use, Credits & Thanks PDF
  • Handouts Folder
  • How to Guides


  • Access my Google Drive Graphic Instructions PNG
  • All About Google - Linked PNG with MORE resources, tips & tricks

How to Guides

  • How to Make a Google Form
  • How to Merge Cells & Wrap Text
  • How to Make a QR Code


All of Mrs. DeFusco’s Classroom resources and clipart are created by Amy DeFusco. Please read the Terms of Use fully, regarding the use of my products.

Digital Data Collection Tips & Tricks

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