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Do you have a long walk during part of your day?

Do you need ideas for a closing meeting for your young students?


The Closing Crew Question Keychain is here to help!


This resource was designed to be used as a prompt to engage the whole group of students. Each day I use a different question, and model a response.

Using just one question for everyone, and hearing others responses deepens students learning, encourages them to be vulnerable and open, or make connections. It’s so fun to listen to the responses, and hear their language expand each day.


I simply print the questions on colored card stock, cut and laminate and finally punch a hole in the corner and turn into a key chain. I keep this attached to the backpack I take on our walk to the playground.


Download Includes:

  • Closing Crew Question Keychain PDF with 66 different questions and 12 blank question cards ready to print


All of Mrs. DeFusco’s Classroom resources and clipart are created by Amy DeFusco. Please read the Terms of Use fully, regarding the use of my products.

Closing Crew Question Key Chain

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