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Do you work in an Early Childhood Classroom, Pre-School, or other Child Care setting?


Has it been difficult to find cute school supplies, or classroom clipart that works for your setting?

Have you struggled finding a graphic of something that resembles the real object so your students understand what they are looking at?


I have begun to develop clip art specifically for this reason. I was so tired of searching and searching for playdoh, dot markers, and hands tracing, pointing or counting that I started to make my own. Come along with me on this new journey!


Clip Art Package #6: Paint, Palettes & Containers

-- Includes 166 individual, full color images with transparent backgrounds.

This set includes images of:

  • 5 different types of individual paint

Oval shaped watercolors

Plops of poster/finger/acrylic paint

Squirts of post/finger/acrylic paint

  • 2 empty palettes

One for the plops, holds 6 colors

One for the ovals, holds 10 colors

  • 2 types of cup containers

Small cups for paint squirts

School paint cups with and without lids

-- with and without paint inside.

Separate lid only images available as well!

  • 2 painting tools

Paint Brushes

With colored paint tip

Making a mark


Sponge Print

Sponge and Color Print

  • Pre-made Palettes

3 Watercolor Palettes

2 Plop Palettes

  • Paint Marks

1 image for each color that has all on one (can be cropped to isolate):

2 Drips, 2 Dots, 1 ZigZag, 1 Squiggle and 1 block of Lines

-- Each color then has individual images of 1 drip, 1 dot, a zigzag, squiggle and block of lines


All images are in png formats so they can easily be layered in your projects and lesson materials.

Check out the other Clip Art Packages to bundle and save!

All of Mrs. DeFusco’s Classroom resources and clipart are created by Amy DeFusco.

Please read the Terms of Use fully, regarding the use of my products.

Clip Art Package #6: Paint, Palettes & Containers

SKU: D000022
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